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How to fix an Unravelling Rug?

Have you ever noticed the loose fridges or threads of your rug? If yes, then your flooring is

How to Remove Pet Stains from Rugs: 5 Steps You Need to Know

No one can stand a pet urine stain on their floorings. You have to use a pet stain remove trick to

How To Remove Wine Stains From A Rug?

Your favourite bottle of wine can turn out to be a disaster for your valuable rug. We all know that

Effective Vacuuming Techniques for Different Rug Types

Different Ways to Vacuum Clean Your Floorings The best way to keep dirt and debris at bay is to

Why you should hire expert commercial rug cleaners?

Rugs can enhance the appearance of any office space with their attractive colors & resplendent

The ultimate guide to Persian rug care

The rug is an expensive textile item that not only protects the floor from dust & dirt but also

Types of damages that require rug repair

A rug can add divine & aesthetic appeal to your home; rugs often carry sentimental values to

What Kind of Methods Rug Cleaning Experts Use for Rug Cleaning?

Rugs are important items of upholstery that undergo a lot of wear & tear due to excessive use,
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