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A rug can add divine & aesthetic appeal to your home; rugs often carry sentimental values to their owners. Apart from trapping pollutants in the air rugs are also ruined with accidents, pet urine, spills, etc. In such cases merely opting for rug cleaning services is not enough. Rug owners should seriously consider seeking professional help for rug repair from a specialist like Space Rug Cleaning Canberra. Experts know what to do to retain your rug to its original form without causing any further damage.

Types of rug repair Canberra

Water damage repair– Rugs damaged by floodwater not only look dull & lifeless but also stink grisly. Experts extract excessive water from rugs and restore them to eliminate the damage & avert concerning health risks from the rug.

Color-correction– in case of color bleeding or discoloration or bleach marks experts perform color-locking, dyeing & color correction accordingly to protect the vibrant colors of the rug.

Moth & mold damage repair– Moth influx & mold growth can potentially ruin the rug permanently. They leave stains, holes & even feed on the rug especially on woolen rugs. Experts make a new foundation similar to rugs fabric to cover up the damaged part.

Stain removal– Very few people know that stain removal is included in rug repair services. Stains are removed from the rug using organic solutions to avoid damage to the fibers.

Patching– In case the rug has suffered holes & burn scars that cannot be covered with hand weaving experts use a similar fabric to patch the damage. The part is patched with such finesse that one can hardly recognize if the rug was ever ruined.

Seam & fringe repair- Loose fringe due to vacuuming is a common concern of rug owners. The rug appears old & worn out of seam or fringe is damaged hence experts at Space Rug Cleaning Canberra efficiently replace the damaged portion with a new fringe which is handwoven.

Resizing– over time rugs develop wrinkles, bumps, etc; they either stretch due to frequent use or shrink due to excess rinsing. But with expert rug repair Canberra the rug is resized and revamped using tools & tricks; this helps avoid tripping accidents at home/office.

Rug owners should not delay seeking expert help even if the rug has minor damage. These minor damages gradually wind up becoming bigger problems that can spoil the rug forever. Rug repair is a challenging task and should be performed only by skilled & reliable professionals like Space Rug Cleaning Canberra.

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