Professional Rug Cleaning Service

      With regular cleaning and maintenance, you can extend the lifespan of your rugs. But every rug needs professional rug cleaning Service once in a while. As experts of rug repair Canberra, we know that the standard use of rug eventually leads to excessive dirt and other damages to it. Our rug cleaning services are customised to protect your rugs from such damages. At Space Rug Cleaning Canberra, we believe that regular rug washing can protect it from damages like stains, stuck dirt, allergens, and mould. Rugs are not attached to the floor and are prone to frequent movements, which causes more damage to their quality. It’s one of the most major reasons for rug discolouration.

      Our rug cleaning services Canberra are designed to remove all the damaging elements from your rugs. This can restore the natural state of your rug and extend its lifespan. Our rug steam cleaner experts have a passion for various types of rugs. As rugs come in many different forms, almost every one of them requires customised cleaning solutions. Our rug cleaning services can be customised to suit the requirements of any rug. With our advanced rug washing and rug repair solutions, your rug will be restored to its natural state in no time.

      Advanced Rug Cleaning Services Canberra

      Space Rug Cleaning Canberra is a well-established cleaning company in Australia. We offer effective cleaning and repair solutions for all types of rugs. Our services are widely recognised by the residents of Canberra. Rug repair Canberra solutions by us can revitalise the quality of any rug. Our rug steam cleaner solutions remove all dirt, germs, bacteria, allergens, and other contaminants from your rugs. With Space Rug Cleaning, you get:

      • Professional Rug Cleaning Company
      • Emergency Rug Cleaning Services
      • Satisfactory Results Reliability
      • Advanced Cleaning Solutions
      • Eco-friendly Service
      • Certified Cleaners
      • Fair Price Range
      • 24/7 Service

      Our rug cleaning services Canberra come with commercial-grade equipment, trained cleaners, and advanced solutions. In short, our Professional rug cleaning services can restore the new look of any rug. We always provide widely approved and recommended rug washing solutions. Feel free to give us a call any time and our professional rug cleaners will help you out.

      Our Professional Rug Cleaners Clean All Types Of Rugs

      At Space Rug Cleaning Canberra, we can customise our professional rug cleaning services Canberra for various rugs. Our Professional rug cleaners have an expert understanding of different rugs, the damages they get, and the cleaning solutions required for them. This allows us to provide effective cleaning solutions for all types of rugs, including but not limited to:

      • Natural Fibre Rugs
      • Microfibre Rugs
      • Synthetic Rugs
      • Wool Mix Rugs
      • Oriental Rugs
      • Persian Rugs
      • Acrylic Rugs
      • Cotton Rugs
      • Wool Rugs
      • Silk Rugs

      Importance Of Rug Repair Canberra

      Our rug washing solutions are designed to deal with many different damages to your rugs. We always examine a rug before choosing the right cleaning solutions for it. As experts of rug repair Canberra, we can remove various damaging elements from your rugs. Here are some of the common rug damages we can treat and remove.

      • Germs and Bacteria
      • Fringe Whitening
      • Tears and Holes
      • Discolouration
      • Moth Damage
      • Mould Growth
      • Excessive Dirt
      • Pet Damage
      • Allergens
      • Stains

      Professional Rug Cleaning Process

      At Space Rug Cleaning Canberra, we always use effective rug steam cleaner solutions for various rugs. It’s one of the most effective methods of rug cleaning and restoration. Our professional rug cleaning process includes certain methods that help us restore the original condition of any rug. Here’s how we usually clean and repair your rugs:

      1. Inspection

      Our Canberra’s rug cleaning services always begin with a thorough inspection of rugs. This helps us find and mark the damages on your rugs. With a proper inspection, we can choose suitable and effective cleaning solutions for your rugs.

      2. Dry Vacuuming

      All of our rug cleaning services involve dry vacuuming. It’s necessary to remove dry dirt particles, allergens, and other contaminants from the surface of your rugs.

      3. Rug Washing

      Our experts always wash your rugs with certified products and equipment. We use methods like dry cleaning, rug steam cleaners, and hot water extraction. These methods ensure the thorough removal of dirt, allergens, stains, bad odour, and other contaminants from your rugs.

      4. Drying and Restoration

      As Canberra’s rug repair experts, we use effective methods and equipment to dry your rugs. This prevents mould growth and other damages to your rugs. Once the cleaning process is finished, we deodorise your rugs to deal with the remaining bad odour, and restore the comforting qualities of your rugs.


      1. Can we clean a rug without any professional rug cleaners help?

      At Space Rug Cleaning Canberra, we also provide a do-it-yourself guide for rug cleaning. But certain tough stains and damages need special expertise and advanced equipment. If you have such cleaning equipment, you may be able to clean and maintain your rugs by yourself. If not, we strongly advise getting our professional rug cleaners help. It’s the safest way to clean/repair your rugs without causing more damage to them.

      2. Which is easier to clean, rugs or carpets?

      As experts of rug repair Canberra, we believe that rugs are easier to clean and maintain. This is because rugs are portable and smaller in size. This makes it easy to wash and dry rugs. Also, removing mould growth from rugs is not as time-consuming as it is on carpets.

      3. How do rugs get damaged?

      Rugs are usually damaged by liquid spills, food spills, stains, pets, dust, hair, stuck dirt, excessive sun exposure, and so on. The regular wear and tear are also one of the major causes of rug damage. If not dealt with in time, some of the damages can become permanent.

      4. Is it ok to take the rugs to dry cleaners?

      The dry-cleaning products and equipment are not suitable for rugs. Some dry-cleaning chemicals and foam even damage the fibres and threads of your rugs. These chemicals are not effective against tough stains on your rugs. It’s best to get professional rug cleaning services in such cases. This will ensure the safety and proper cleaning/restoration of your rugs.

      5. Can we use a garden hose for rug cleaning?

      Garden hose can remove dirt from the surface of your rugs, but it does not remove stains, mould growth, or other contaminants stuck inside your rug fibre. Our professional rug cleaning services Canberra can be customised for all types of rugs. This helps us provide effective cleaning solutions for your rugs.

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