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Different Ways to Vacuum Clean Your Floorings

The best way to keep dirt and debris at bay is to vacuum your rug once or twice a week. That’s the task you can perform to save your flooring from damages, colour fading and weak threads. However, every rug is different, so is the vacuuming technique. That’s why rug cleaning experts suggest following different ways to vacuum clean your floorings. Read on to know these methods in detail.

1. Wool Rugs

Wool floorings can be thin or thick, but both are simple to vacuum since wool is a natural material that maintains well under pressure. So, avoid cleaning the fringe as this may cause it to lose its form. Finally, avoid vacuuming wool rugs more than twice a month; since this might cause fibres to be released and harm the beauty of your flooring.

2. Shag Rugs

These rugs should be vacuumed, either wet or dry. Long pile rugs benefit the most from this method of vacuuming. To protect the integrity of the fibres, you should only vacuum the front of the flooring and not the back.

3. Jute Rug

Vacuuming a jute rug is the simplest task ever. All you have to do is turn on the suction and run over the area that appears to be more unclean or full of trash. On jute carpets, there is no pile direction to follow. Regularly vacuuming will help to preserve the condition of your jute carpeting. However, if you see any shedding, run the vacuum on low suction instead.

4. Oriental and Persian rugs

Persian rugs are fragile, although they should be vacuumed regularly. The buildup of dirt and debris can cause the flooring to stiffen and lose its charm. Vacuum clean the rug once a week in the front and once a month in the rear. Use sideways movements when vacuuming. To gather as much dust and rain as possible from the material, be gentle yet thorough.

5. Tufted rugs

Tufted rugs are more difficult to vacuum. Because these rugs have a rubber backing, you must vacuum clean them with an upright vacuum. The improper vacuuming technique might damage your rug’s backing and cause it to fall apart.

Vacuum tufted rugs in the pile direction using slow and careful motions. Make an effort to avoid stomping on the carpeting. Repeat the procedure once or twice a week.

To keep the edges from flipping when vacuuming, use a beater bar and stand on top of the rug. After vacuuming the underneath, vacuum the area where the rug will be placed. That will assist you in picking up any excess dirt and debris. Finally, you’ll want to vacuum the rug’s top side. Using the beater bar during this part might cause the fibres to distort.

Along with regular vacuuming, a rug owner should connect with a professional rug cleaning firm. These experts will clean your rugs annually, keep germs and bacterias away and offer some helpful rug cleaning and maintenance tips.

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