What Kind of Methods Rug Cleaning Experts Use for Rug Cleaning?

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Rugs are important items of upholstery that undergo a lot of wear & tear due to excessive use, irrespective of where they are placed. Rug owners know how important it is to keep rugs clean & fresh to keep them in pristine condition. For this reason, they opt for professional rug cleaning services at least once every year. Hiring specialists like Space Rug Cleaning Canberra offers a myriad of benefits to rug owners. Best rug cleaners are the ones that inspect the rug prior to cleaning to determine the sorts of method to be used to clean it.

Types of Methods Experts Use To Clean Rugs

Steam Cleaning/Hot water extraction- This is considered the most effective method of rug cleaning Canberra by experts. A steamer is used to eradicate germs, bacteria & eliminate dirt, soils, & dust lying deep inside the rug’s fabric to ensure deep cleaning. It’s a full-proof method but requires a dehumidifier to dry rugs properly. The hot water extraction method brings back the shine of the rug & has a long-lasting impact.

Bonnet / Dry rug cleaning Canberra- mostly preferred during emergencies, bonnet cleaning method involves minimal use of water. Dry powder insolvent is applied to the rug & later extracted with a machine to get rid of germs, dirt, dust & stains. The results are not as effective as steam cleaning but less water usage makes it a go-to method of rug cleaning services Canberra.

Shampooing- Shampoo solution is applied to the rug & allowed to sit, later the rug is gently scrubbed & water rinsed. The only drawback is that rugs soak up water quickly & take longer to dry. If the rug is not dried post shampooing it is likely to be damaged by dry rots, mold growth & pest influx. This is the easiest method of professional rug cleaning services and rug owners can perform it on their own.

Encapsulation- This method is highly preferred by the best rug cleaners for commercial rug cleaning. Encapsulating solution is sprayed all over the rug and later brushed into the rug using a machine. Encapsulation facilitates quick drying so rugs can be used instantly. While this method is not as effective as steam cleaning or shampooing it is adequate for time being.

Regardless of what kind the rug is, it will always require deep cleaning with rug cleaning services Canberra. Space Rug Cleaning Canberra prefers hot water extraction & bonnet cleaning method for both residential & commercial clients. We have gained a credible & loyal customer base over the years with our excellent rug cleaning Canberra.

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