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The rug is an expensive textile item that not only protects the floor from dust & dirt but also ensures circulation of pure air all over the house. However, over time these rugs tend to get ruined due to frequent use & pollutants embedded deep inside the fabric. Experts at Space rug cleaning Canberra suggest that rug owners should opt for Persian rug cleaning timely to maintain them in pristine condition.

Common mistakes rug owners should avoid:

1. Do not beat rugs; when you beat them they either separate from their backing or tend to develop loose threads which can damage the appearance of your rug.

2. Do not vacuum fringe or you will end up pulling out chunks of fringe. Also, avoid vacuuming using a beater bar to reduce erosion while cleaning. Loose fringe not only makes the rug appear ugly but also fastens the aging of the rug.

3. Do not use store-bought detergents; these surfactants contain alkaline & toxic chemicals that may cause the fibers to split. Moreover, they rob the shine of your rug & leave chemical residues. So either pick professional Persian rug cleaning services or do not use store-bought detergents.

What you should do instead?

1.  Weekly vacuuming on both sides is the ideal way for extracting contaminants temporarily

2. Try to keep children & pets away from the rug; this is the best way to practice Persian rug care.

3.  Keep rotating rugs & roll them when not in use; avoid folding them to prevent dents & wrinkles.

4.  In case of stains always rely on Persian rug cleaners instead of random DIYs.

5.  Do not place rugs near humid spaces. Likewise, if you notice moisture treat it immediately to avoid mold growth.

Rug owners should learn to prioritize Persian rug cleaning Canberra as it helps keep the rugs durable & gorgeous for a long time. Space rug cleaning Canberra is been serving the finest rug cleaning & restoration solutions to a wide clientele for years. So if you wish to endure a pleasant rug cleaning experience summon the pros without ado.

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